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  • 11.15.00_Sight design refined. This site will probably not be updated anymore except for two reasons: (a) I find time somewhere to scan in the Pearson artwork I have; (b) The book finds its way back to store shelves ^_^.
  • 11.09.99_Slight redesign and change in format. I'm hoping to make this easier to navigate through. In comic news, there's still no sign of Body Bags...no sign of Pearson around either for that matter. His work was last seen in the recent Batman No Man's Land series, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #118. He did the pencils for that issue. -JoE-
  • 09.05.99_Gallery fixed...sorta. Now that I've been given full webmaster status of this site, I'm gonna see if I can update it, and in the process sorta change the look of the site. In terms of news of the comic book, there was a recent article in Previews magazine that mentioned the Dark Horse comic line-up, MAVERICK. Pearson is one of the artists, hopefully in the process of bringing back his Body Bags book. -JoE-
  • 08.02.99_Slight update and redesign. I'm also handing the site over to Joe, cuz I just don't have time to devote to it (as you can clearly see). Plus he does all the graphics and programming now anyway. Hopefully he'll be able to take this site where it should've gone to begin with... -JaSoN-
  • 11.08.98_Flash movie added; My first venture into Flash animation...not very good, but hey...it's something :P. Once I learn more, I'll make an intro for the site. -JaSoN-
  • 11.03.98_News section added; I thought I'd add this page so visitors would know what's new and when future updates of the site as well as the comic will be happening. -JoE-
  • 11.02.98_Site ready to be "bagged!" The first Body Bags fan site is up and running, thanks to my good friend Joe Palanca, who designed and helped me program the site. -JaSon-

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